My Interview on Chronic Illness for Well-Scent

I am very pleased, and so honored, to be featured as the first practitioner in Well-Scent’s series of interviews on chronic illness.

Coffee Enemas

Once you get over the initial resistance to the idea, coffee enemas can be a significant part of keeping yourself healthy. This is because they support the optimal function of the liver. While the use of enemas for cleansing has been documented for hundreds of years, coffee enemas are more recent. They were first usedContinue reading “Coffee Enemas”

How To Have Flawless Skin

I am regularly asked how I get my “flawless skin.” I appreciate the compliments and I am pleased to share my secrets, such as they are. Certainly, a healthy lifestyle is the foundation for healthy skin, and I practice what I preach.

Coffee Enemas

Hey, if Oprah and Dr Oz can make talking about poop acceptable, why not move the conversation even further along, so to speak, and talk about coffee enemas, and doing an enema series.  They are safe, cleansing and detoxifying, and really very simple to do. Here is a basic coffee enema recipe.  If you areContinue reading “Coffee Enemas”