June Giveaway: The most amazing, therapeutic Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil. I have been talking about it as a healthy, nutritious, beneficial fat for years now. So I was skeptical when a supplement supplier that I work with touted his as different from anything else out there. He met my skepticism with samples and research, and the rest is history, a love story of gigantic proportions. You NEED this coconut oil in your life! And I am giving away a bottle and a booklet to one lucky person for my June Giveaway.

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I’m celebrating my 20th year in practice in 2013 with a different Giveaway each month.

10 thoughts on “June Giveaway: The most amazing, therapeutic Coconut Oil

  1. Sounds amazing, Fran! Can I purchase a jar & have you send it to me? What’s the price point?


  2. I am a relatively recent coconut oil convert. I have found that in baking it is often not only adequate but superior to butter or oils; particularly with whole grain flour, producing a light springy finish. Also, when you cook with it (say searing a slab of salmon) you might think that your food might end up ever so slightly redolent of sun tan oil, but it most assuredly does not!


    1. Emily, it is the best oil to cook with because of its high smoke point. Olive oil is not healthy for cooking because it has a low one. Assuming you are using a coconut oil of this quality, I recommend 3 Tablespoons daily, which is a therapeutic dose. I put one in my morning protein shake, and the others for cooking or in recipes throughout the day. I also use it on my face – it’s the BEST moisturizer – in my hair as a conditioner, and give it to my dog.


  3. I love using coconut oil for cooking for health reasons and for the high temperature use. I have never used it on my body, but will begin! Thanks!


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