Can Cholesterol Drugs Undo Exercise Benefits? –

Can Cholesterol Drugs Undo Exercise Benefits? –

Stains lower numbers, but do they really promote better health? There are way too many questions about this, in my opinion, and according to substantial research, including the study cited here.

Why use questionable drugs, when it is entirely possible to reduce cholesterol and improve every measure of health by changing your nutrition?

I had a client just this week come in triumphantly announcing that his doctor had taken him off statins. He has had high cholesterol since the first time it was tested, when he was 22, almost 4 decades earlier. It had never been below 200, and was usually over 240, despite being on statins for years. In seven months of working with me, not only did his cholesterol drop to 170, but he has lost significant body fat, has more energy and looks and feels wonderful!

He is not the exception, but the rule, in my practice.  There are no risks, and no bad side effects to making those kind of changes in your life.

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