My New Continuity Program: How to Keep Building on Your Success

My new Continuity Program has been very popular so far. If you’re looking for a way to stay in touch with me, to keep getting the support, information, and inspiration you want, but don’t need a full-on weekly program right now, this is for you! It includes a half hour individual session once a month, a delicious and nutritious breakfast shake in your choice of 3 flavors,  a monthly group meeting at my office, and membership in a private FaceBook group where you can ask questions of me and others, access special resources I provide, and share your experiences, have support for your struggles, and celebrate your triumphs.
1. Monthly group meeting. How about a supportive, non-judgmental, informative and fun group – with healthy snacks – to get you inspired and on track again each and every month? Each meeting will have a theme: recipes, planning ahead, dealing with the holidays, restaurant dining, sleep, hormonal balance, detoxification, exercise, etc. This will also be an opportunity to ask questions. The first meeting will be Tuesday Nov 12, and I’ll be handing out some great information! The second will be Tuesday December 10. Meetings will be from 6:30 to 7:30PM at my office. Before we get to the new year, I will set a regular time so you can plan accordingly. My one constraint is space, please RSVP to me by email.

2. An individual half hour session with me each month. Here’s where we can check your body composition and go over your eating, or do a little “detox on the table”, to keep you on track. I will give you some notes to focus on in the month ahead. And I will re-evaluate your nutrition and supplements as necessary.

3. A private FaceBook group, where you can share questions, recipes, frustration and triumphs. I’ll be adding resource material you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You can join right now if you have worked with me. Here is the link.

4. A shake each month that you pick up at your session, in your choice of 3 flavors, with 30 servings, so you can use it all month long for a nutritionally dense, tasty and convenient breakfast you never have to think about.

The value of this new Continuity Program is over $350, but right now you can sign up for $125 a month. That’s including a shake that you can use for breakfast for 30 days, in your choice of 3 flavors, plus an individual private half hour session with me. Those 2 things alone are worth $150. Plus you get the energy and the support of a group of like minded people, moderated by me both in person and online.

If you completed your 13 Week Program, and feel you really need a reboot, of course you can sign up for the whole program and start again. But if you just want a little more support, inspiration and accountability, especially as we head for the holidays, sign up for the Continuity Group instead, and put those first 2 meetings on your calendar.

FYI, the cost of the 13 Week Success Program will be going up in 2014, so if you want to get started again, or refer a friend, now is the time. The holidays are almost upon us, and I know you want to feel energetic and sparkly and look your best!

here are all 3 links for you:
FB group

Sign up for the new Continuity Program

Sign up for your one on one 13 Week Success Program

And if you need a refresher on what the 13 Week Success Program is about, and the kind of phenomenal results clients consistently get, click here

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