BBC News – How much can an extra hour’s sleep change you?

What they discovered is that when the volunteers cut back from seven-and-a-half to six-and-a-half hours’ sleep a night, genes that are associated with processes like inflammation, immune response and response to stress became more active. The team also saw increases in the activity of genes associated with diabetes and risk of cancer. The reverse happened when the volunteers added an hour of sleep.

via BBC News – How much can an extra hour’s sleep change you?.

It’s time to “Fall backwards”. Get that extra hour of sleep tonight – and make it a habit!

This study compared people who got 6.5 hours sleep with those who got 7.5 hours sleep. The results were pretty dramatic. I’ve called sleep Health Essential #1 for many years, and the research to support this just keeps rolling in.  You can read some of my additional information on sleep and its benefits in the links below.

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