The Dangers of Eating Late at Night –

“Most of the tens of thousands of reflux patients that I have seen over the last 35 years are well today because I treat reflux by modifying my patients’ diets and lifestyles.”

via The Dangers of Eating Late at Night –

Oh how I love an MD who works with the obvious issues first, and acknowledges that medications usually 1. suppress symptoms, rather than address root causes and 2. create other problems both in the long and short term.

I have always told my clients to eat 3 meals a day, and stop eating 3 hours before bed, and I have to say I’m impressed if he can cure most reflux by having patients implement only those changes.

I usually find that identifying and eliminating food sensitivities is crucial as well, not only for reflux and other digestive issues, but energy, focus, hormones, metabolism, inflammation, insulin resistance, and so much more.

Confession: I struggle, myself, with late eating, since I’m often with clients until 8:30PM. I try to keep dinner pretty light, since it’s so late, but I find I can’t do without it.

What about you? Has your work schedule pushed your dinnertime later over the years?  Do you have reflux or other digestive symptoms? I’d love to know your experience, and thoughts.


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