Is America Ready for Healthy Convenience Food? –

Does it really take more time to chop vegetables than to pick up take out?

Is less time always our highest virtue?

While this article raises some important issues, it misses others. From my perspective, the “virtue” of preparing food has little to do with class, and everything to do with healthier, better functioning minds and bodies; with more productive and happier human beings.

Maybe we need to think of it more like the virtue of brushing our teeth: it will always take time, and there really is no replacement for it. We do it twice a day.

That’s a good standard for meals too. (for breakfast? Have a shake.)

I always recommend preparing both veggies and protein in batches. Don’t just make one meal. Make enough for several days, and then mix and match as you warm it up.

Is America Ready for Healthy Convenience Food? –

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