Which doors will you open?

Invitations galore – all free and all rich in ways to uplevel your body mind & spirit, including thyroid health, mindset, hormones, detox, Lyme disease, the place of healthy sweets in our lives, and so much more! Join me?

Is America Ready for Healthy Convenience Food? – NYTimes.com

Does it really take more time to chop vegetables than to pick up take out? Is less time always our highest virtue? While this article raises some important issues, it misses others. From my perspective, the “virtue” of preparing food has little to do with class, and everything to do with healthier, better functioning mindsContinue reading “Is America Ready for Healthy Convenience Food? – NYTimes.com”

Is this the year you take charge of your health?

Are we really so ill-designed that we now need pharmaceuticals to function and survive? Is there no alternative to our bodies breaking down so terribly, long before we’re done using them? Is being and staying healthy so uncommon it’s no longer “normal”? My answer is a resounding NO!

Get Energized: 3 Steps to a healthy meal

This article was originally published on February 24, 2010 as my column Holistic Outlook, in The Times Herald Record.  To see the original article, click here. Step one: Four for four Every time you eat, you are giving your body information. You probably want to tell your body things like: “Burn fat!” “Keep me energizedContinue reading “Get Energized: 3 Steps to a healthy meal”