Why can’t I eat that?

People often hesitate to see me because they’re afraid I’m going to tell them they can’t have something they like to eat or drink.

Let me explain.

Restricting foods isn’t about calories. It certainly isn’t about eating less (you can often eat more, if you eat the right things).

It’s about giving your body the right information, to reset your metabolism and your hormones.

Every time you eat, you tell your body what to do: to send out the alarm because you had something toxic, increasing your inflammation; whether to store or burn fat; whether to turn stress hormones up or down; or maintain an excessive inflammation response.

My guidelines, which are customized for each client, give your body the right information for repair and healing, so that your metabolism starts to rev up, your hormones rebalance, your insulin sensitivity increases, your inflammation decreases, your energy and focus stay steady, and the brain fog finally lifts.

These restrictions aren’t forever! I tell my clients: more restriction for the short term… more freedom for the long term.

And here’s the thing: the more carefully you follow this, the less time it takes to get to that freedom, where you can start putting things back in, and don’t have to be quite as careful any more.  And the more you fudge (sic?), the more you make exceptions for this party, or that holiday, or because you simply didn’t plan, the longer you struggle.

And I do mean struggle, because when you’re NOT giving your body the information you intend, you’re still going to have cravings and fatigue and other symptoms, and you’re NOT going to feel as good as you can. So you’re kind of in purgatory, not getting the benefits, while preventing your own progress to optimal health and well-being.

When you actually eliminate everything you need to (short term – remember?) and eat in balance (for YOU!) the cravings disappear and you will feel great! And while we’re doing that, let’s heal your gut and address any underlying microbial issues that have kept you from experiencing your full health, vitality and well-being.

Bottom line: just do it. Your body is designed to heal. But you need to give it the right information, guidance and support.

Need help figuring out exactly what YOUR body needs to reboot your metabolism and rebalance your hormones? That’s what I’m here for. Click on the BookNow button and let’s get started.

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