Your Genes Do Not Cause Cancer

“More and more data suggest that just having mutations is not sufficient to cause cancer,” said Dr. Kornelia Polyak, a breast cancer researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who was not associated with the new study.

Source: A Single Cell Shines New Light on How Cancers Develop – The New York Times

As I’ve been saying for years, even through my own ordeal of breast cancer… I knew all my life, long before there were BRCA tests, that some genetic predisposition existed in my maternal lineage. And I also knew – somehow – that it did not have to be definitive.

Of course, it’s not possible to separate the strands of life and look at an alternate reality, but looking at epi-genetics, the study of how genes get expressed or not, turned on or off, I believe the trauma and unexpected loss I experienced 15 months before finding the lump was not at all coincidental. In fact, many women, according to research, experience traumatic loss a year or two before their diagnosis.

The take-away? Genes are not destiny. Your medical fate is not pre-determined. You have tremendous potential to change your health, for better or worse, by the thousands of decisions you make for yourself each day, including how you eat, how you think, how you sleep and how you move.

Take your power back, make the best decisions you can, so that you have the best outcome, whatever your genes.

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