RESILIENCE: Thriving through Illness & Recovery

Illness and Recovery

I’d helped thousands of clients with their health.
Then I had to recover my own.

New Online Course Starts March 13th
RESILIENCE. You’ve got it. Learn how to develop it.


There are some things you learn only by living them. Anyone who has dealt with life-altering illness knows this. That doesn’t mean that our lives are over—in fact, sometimes quite the opposite.

You are more resilient than you ever imagined.

It’s hard-wired. Innate. But how can we access it and learn to THRIVE again—both during and after illness?

The inspiration for this course? Frankly, I’ve been through a lot in my life: trauma, loss, Lyme Disease, and then breast cancer.

Hey, that stuff happens, and it happened to me. I’m just another humanoid. And as such, I had the remarkable ability to recover; to not only get through it, but to THRIVE in a way that is hard-wired within us. So. Do. You.

What would the right tools and support mean when you really need them? Sometimes we can’t even know, on our own; we just keep trying to move forward, and not to crumble.

I hear it all the time: “I had NO IDEA! How did you bounce back from all that?” That’s why I created this course, first for a group in my office, and now online so that it’s accessible, and affordable, to everyone.

Because a big part of how I make sense of all I’ve been through is to keep paying it forward.

That’s why I’m launching this online version of my very personal mentoring group, RESILIENCE: Thriving through Illness and Recovery. I want to teach you how to access your own innate resilience.

I’m Ready! Save My Seat!

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This group is for anyone:

  • Dealing with chronic illness, including cancer, Lyme, and autoimmune disease.
  • Who wants to minimize the risk, or the consequences, of these illnesses or their treatment.
  • Who has come through serious illness and disruption in their life, and wants to minimize the chance of recurrence, while optimizing quality of life.

This is a very practical put-it-in-your-life, tip- and strategy- and support-packed six sessions. It’s a fast course, designed to put things in place for you right now so you can use them. But it’s slow enough to implement, to learn, and to grow a community around you, both in the group and in your life.

Engage Community

Like-minded women committed to the same journey you are: recovering their health and vitality. Body, mind and spirit.

Have A Guide Who’s Been There, Done That

Lyme Disease. Breast Cancer. Trauma and Loss. I’ve been through it, and recovered. My passion is to pay it forward.

An Array of Tips, Tools & Resources

Experience. Explore. Learn. Choose from a wide variety of options each week, and keep the ones that work for you. You will find them here.


24/7 from your smartphone, tablet or computer. In small, easy-to-digest pieces that each take only a few minutes a day. And I’ll guide you through it every step of the way.


I took over 2 decades of private practice and training, along with personal experience overcoming serious health issues, and put it all together in a way anyone can afford.


Engage. Ask questions. Be heard. Share. You’re online, but you’re not alone. It’s why I chose this particular platform for my classes.

I’m Ready! Save My Seat!

Here’s what I know: Life is tough. Being human is tough. Resilience helps you get through it with the utmost grace and happiness. And if we’re exhausted, and don’t know what else to try or where to turn… we can feel overwhelmed, even despairing.

Resilience is innate, but it’s also a quality you can develop. And should. It might be the most important quality you can have. Because life pulls the rug out from all of us at some point. And we must re-direct towards health, clarity, optimism and vitality in those times.

This course will help you do that. It’s an invitation to be part of a group of powerful, open-hearted women, mentored by me. We will be working together on supporting Body Mind and Spirit through six classes. I know it will be transformative for us all.

Program Details:
First an Intro Week, where you’ll explore the way our classroom works, introduce yourself, meet me and the rest of the women, and I’ll introduce some of the themes for the course.

Each of the following 5 weeks you’ll have access to a new lesson that includes:

  1. A Live Weekly Call (don’t worry, if you miss it, it will be automatically available as a recording, in your lesson).
  2. Guidance on learning how to truly, personally Nourish Yourself.
  3. Simple effective tools, techniques and exercises for increasing Calm and Clarity.
  4. A Breathing exercise, to help strengthen and clarify body and mind. These are simple, quick and have some surprisingly powerful benefits.
  5. Movement: A range of suggestions that are do-able, cost nothing, and enhance your health as well as your spirits.
  6. Processes for Working with Fear without being ruled by it.
  7. Inspiration! in the form of quotes, graphics, art, articles, and more (feel free to share your own, too. That way we’ll build an even better resource center for us all).
  8. Discussion Areas where you can ask questions, share responses, interact with other participants and build community.

The lessons include audio, video, text, downloads and more. You can interact with one another, and with me. The more you show up, the more you share, ask and answer questions, the more you will get out of it. And the more participation, the greater the energy of the whole.

Of course, some people choose to just follow along and observe, and that’s okay too. But I invite you to push your envelope, and make your presence known, because I know that you will get so much more out of it if you do.

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After the 6 weeks of the course:

  • you can still enjoy access to your content
  • and you will be invited to my free Facebook group for class alumni, where you can continue to share connections and content.

I’m Ready! Save My Seat!

What this class is NOT:

  1. Medical. I am not medical. This course is not a substitute or replacement for medical care and attention. It is about navigating dificult situations with the greatest possible support, optimism and resilience. Nothing here is intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. All material is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner with any questions you have regarding your health.
  2. Therapy. While you are welcome – even encouraged – to share your story, your feelings and your experience, I am not a psychotherapist, and this is not a therapy group.
  3. Customized Support for Illness. I’ll be happy to help you with that, if you like, in a private session, and I will provide an opportunity for additional customized support before or during the class, if you’re looking for it. Or, of course, you can schedule a private session with me at any time, whether or not you take the class.

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