Thriving Child Summit

The Most Important Work There Is: Helping Kids

Anyone who knows me knows I want to change the world. When your body is strong and vital and your mind and focus is clear, you can accomplish just about anything. That’s what I want for every client with whom I work.

As passionate as I am about my work, there is one segment of the population I feel even more strongly about: OUR KIDS.

I have had the honor of speaking on many Summits, on many topics. None was as thrilling for me as this one, and I know that many other speakers participating feel the same way.

I’ll be sharing my best tips to get your kids to eat healthier, whether yours are toddlers or teens (or both). You’ll find
practical information that you can implement immediately, and you might be surprised by some of the things I have to say. You can hear me on Day 2.

Register for no cost right now

The Thriving Child Summit is a free online virtual conference that kicks off on National Child Health Day, October 3, 2016 and goes through October 10, 2016.

* The foundations for optimal children’s health
* What and how to feed your kids
* Natural treatments for common childhood problems
* Holistic approaches to anxiety, ADHD, autism, and other neurodevelopmental issues
* Mindfulness, stress reduction, and relaxation for parents and kids
* A natural medicines toolkit for your family
* How to reclaim your mama vitality

In fact, even the BONUSES (also no cost) for registering are a fantastic resource! And you can access many of those as soon as you sign up.   Register here!

And then please share this link ( with all the other mamas and papas you know who could benefit.

(In fact I got so inspired by my talk, that I decided to write a book about the subject! So stay tuned for more on that!)

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