Aging With Beauty and Grace

This event takes place at Cornerstone Wellness in Goshen, NY.

Come meet holistic health practitioner Fran Sussman, and learn her best tips for retaining health, vitality, beauty (and sanity!) as we age. There will be a presentation and time for Q&A, so if you have questions about health and nutrition, this is the time and place!

Since 1993, Holistic Practitioner Fran Sussman has helped thousands of clients reclaim their health and well-being – often in ways they never had it before. Her strengths include teaching people to heal the gut and reduce inflammation, helping women to balance hormones naturally in every stage of life, healing the brain, Lyme Disease, and so much more. She works with clients both in person and long distance. Fran is passionate about teaching women of every age to claim their birthright of health and vitality.

Her personal journey includes not only surviving, but thriving after chronic Lyme Disease and 2 bouts with genetic cancer. At the age of 62, she is grateful to live a life rich in purpose, joy, service, health and vitality.

In addition to a thriving private practice, Fran teaches an online course called “Zen Vitality Detox”, integrating clear nutritional guidance, healthy treats, and simple practices that have huge payoffs for body, mind and spirit, resulting in increased energy and deeper peace. The next class starts October 6th, and registration is open. Participants consistently call Fran’s teaching “transformative” and “life-changing”.
$10 per person/seating limited so please pre-register at under the workshops tab

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