Zen Vitality Workshop free online

We can all benefit from a little seasonal tune up, and some simple tips to lighten Body Mind & Spirit.

I want you to know that Detox is NOT just about what you take OUT of your life.

It’s about all the health- and vitality-enhancing things you can add IN.

Save My Seat!

Over the past 24 years, I’ve developed so many great tools, tips and techniques.

They work

They’re simple

Some of them may surprise you

There’s nothing drastic or severe, and

You won’t feel deprived!

They’re easy to incorporate into your day

They provide BIG pay-offs for small changes

And I’m going to share 10 of them with you in this workshop, including:

  • How and Why to take a luxurious Detox Bath
  • How to detox your Negative Self Talk (we all do it, but you don’t have to let it run you)
  • My 2 Healing “Dunks”
  • A quick reboot for your stressed-out nervous system
  • 5 ways to flush your lymphatics
  • and lots more…

See you there! and don’t forget to share the link with your friends – it’s more effective and fun to make changes with a buddy (or 2 or 3)!  Share this link: bit.ly/ZVworkshop

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