Which doors will you open?

February and March always bring so many opportunities and gifts to share with my community, but…  you have to choose which doors to open.

I’m going to showcase what’s coming your way, give you some highlights, and a link for each opportunity, so you can decide.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be providing more details and explaining the potential value to you for each, so you can see what fits for your life, your needs, and your schedule.

Of course, I’ll still be sharing blogs, recipes, and my usual information and inspiration during that time as well.

You choose which doors to open!

These are all gifts – no cost to you – so you may want to explore them all.

The Thyroid Secret
  1. There’s a great new documentary out right now (The Thyroid Secret) loaded with information on thyroid health. Honestly, almost every client I see has less than optimal thyroid function. Don’t believe it’s just whether you’re in or out of the reference range! It’s so much more than that, and thyroid health effects everything: your mind, your weight and metabolism, your energy, your appearance.
    Thyroid hormone is found in every single cell of your body, so if your thyroid is compromised in any way, so are you. Click here to sign up (and get a sneak peek at the trailer). This is such important information, and it’s superbly presented, too.
  2. Definitely take a look at my friend JJ Virgin’s Mindset Miracle Makeover LIVE EVENT. I’ve outlined some of the great takeaways from this training for you below, because mindset is the doorway to making changes and achieving any of the great things we want to do in life.mindsetlivehttp://miraclemindset.com/mm-livetraining/?a_aid=FSussman&a_bid=2b4e605c

It’s far too easy to remain complacent and just accept things as they are – when they’re awful, or when they’re just wrong – but we do that, all the time, especially as women. Your MINDSET is where REAL change starts.                     Register here to save your seat.

Here’s what to expect from this event:

  • An awesome “bounce back” mindset hack with Sonia Ricotti
  • How to ride the 90-second wave with Dr. Joan Rosenberg
  • Simple Tai Chi relaxation exercise with Dr. Pedram Shojai
  • The incredible science behind stress and mindset with Dr. Heidi Hanna
  • Interviews with JJ’s heroes, her sons Bryce and Grant
  • The #1 thing you can do to make every single day a great one

I promise it’s going to be rich in learning and inspiration. Save Your Seat!

Then I’m also going to be featured as an expert on four! very different and inspiring summits in the next few weeks, and I definitely want you to tune in to those. And of course they all offer you valuable bonuses, including some from me! Right now you can register for the first two:

  • First I’ll be speaking about  how to balance your hormones at any age and phase of life on the Hormonal Harmony Summit. Many of my brilliant colleagues are on this one, too. My talk is on March 6th but register now for access to ALL the great talks. It’s already underway, so get in right now here.Fran-1
  • Then I’m very proud to be part of the Global Health and Healing Summit. I think you’ll find this one quite far-ranging and rich in wisdom. I’ll be speaking March 16 on Gentle, Simple and Surprising Tips to Support Your Body, Mind & Spirit. Again, just go ahead and click to register so you stay informed about all the amazing talks coming up on this one. I want all my holistic passionistas signing up for this one!

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Shortly after that, I’ll be featured as an expert on:

  • Her Health and Spirit, where we covered a wide variety of health topics, including Lyme Disease, Hormones, Detox and more; and
  • Sweet Freedom, where I had a very lively conversation about the place of sweets and treats in our lives. We disagreed quite a bit – in a fun, friendly way of course – and it made for a great discussion.
    I’ll send you more details soon on those soon.I hope you find great value in all of these opportunities, and I’m always here to serve and support you.P.S. If you haven’t made time yet, or recently, to come visit my Zen Vitality Spa Room,

I’m offering 50% off a one week trial membership!

That means you get 3 full hours of sauna, micro-circulation health and whole body vibration (normally a $120 value) for the cost of a single half hour session! You must purchase the offer by February 25th, but you can choose any time between now and March 11th to use it.

It is my belated Valentine’s love gift, a virtual bouquet of health inspiration!

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