An Amazing Week in Seattle

What an intense week!  I thought the Lyme Seminar in October was intense, but this made it look like spa time.  We started at 7AM and went until 10:30PM with only an hour break for lunch and for dinner.  My one complaint was the paradox that a seminar on this topic did not leave enough time for eating, sleeping and exercise, all of which were emphasized as essential for brain health!  But I have to admit that there was nothing I would have given up: what a wealth of material was presented.

My Certifications

So I am very proud to now have been certified by the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology in:

  • Lyme and Chronic Infection as the Underlying Cause of Chronic Illness
  • Healing the Brain: The Hidden Causes of Brain Dysfunction in both Children and Adults
  • Autism: The Integrative Protocol
  • Supporting Organs of Elimination (Detoxification Methods)

In addition, I am committed to four additional trainings over the next year.  It is so exciting to find someone from whom there is so much for me to learn. And of course, it’s pretty rare to find an M.D., PhD who not only embraces kinesiology, nutrition and homeopathy, but a) is one of the foremost clinicians/practitioners in the world and b) is passionate about teaching others all he can. I feel privileged to be in this cohort, much as I did when I had the opportunity to train with endocrinologist and author Diana Schwarzbein, M.D.

A few points from the Autism segment of the conference

Again, there is so much to share, from lifestyle to sensory therapies to nutrition and supplements, and more, more, more, but for now I’ll share a few notes on reducing auditory sensory overload to kids on the autistic spectrum.

  • No background TV or music, especially at night
  • Listen for and eliminate, whenever possible, odd noises that can be heard in sleeping area: refrigerator motor, traffic, heating/AC, ticking clocks, etc.
  • Use rhythmic music, but only with intention and for a limited time.  Play it loudly, when that is what you are doing, but do not use it as background during other times of day.  It can be classical, choir music, folk music, Muppets, Beatles, etc, but make sure it has a range of instruments, and a strong regular rhythm.
  • Provide lots of quiet time.

That’s all I have time for now, must go board my flight.  But stay tuned for lots more as I have time to write, or schedule a session to have the information applied for you individually.

warm regards from the Seattle airport,


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