Why Is Eating Real Food So Unthinkable?

“The truly healthy alternative to that chip is not a fake chip; it’s a carrot.”

via Is Eat Real Food Unthinkable? – NYTimes.com.

I was sad when I heard Mark Bittman, one of my favorite chefs, was no longer going to be sharing his recipes in the New York Times each week, but reading, I’m delighted he made the transition to columnist. I urge you to read the full column in the link above.

And you can still get his practical, healthy and delicious recipes.  This cookbook is a great – almost encyclopedic – resource, whether you are vegetarian or not.  I go to it time and again, and am never disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Why Is Eating Real Food So Unthinkable?

  1. Fran, thanks for posting this (and please accept my delayed condolences for your loss of Annabelle). I have always loved Bittman, and though his recipes are great, his direct words and potential dietary impact on large numbers of readers may be even greater. I had gotten a bit too enamored of sweets and breads over the winter and just one week of eating cleaner and my sinuses are noticably less congested, not too mention dropping 3 pounds of bloat! Real food is the way — thanks for championing joyful, health supportive eating.


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