On Lyme Disease

Ticks are still around

Because of the odd weather, and the lack of a solid freeze, we are still contending with ticks in the Northeast, so please don’t relax your guard for yourself, your family or your animals.  I highly recommend the use of Cistus Tea.  I still have small quantities in stock and expect to be getting more this month.   UPDATE: I do have Cistus Tea in stock again.

Lyme disease has been one of my specialties for more than 15 years, and my training with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt has enabled me to get even better results for clients with chronic and neurological Lyme.

Here is one client’s story:
“I came to Fran with excruciating body pain, in my joints and muscles. My energy was close to flat: I could drag myself to work, I could drag myself home and maybe cook a meal. That’s it. No socializing, no personal life, no joy, no life. Sometimes the pain was so bad my roommate had to help me from my car to the door barely one car’s length away. I was using a cane out of the house and a walker at home. I made slow progress from one room to another. I felt like a 90 year old at 54. I talked to Fran at the health food store where I work, asked her questions. She was very available and kind.

I had been to a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and an orthopedist. An MD had said I had arthritis so I tried self-treatment for about a year with little gain. One MD/naturopath had suspected I had Lyme but the test came back negative, the antibiotic did nothing, and so I moved on.

In December of 2010 I had my first visit with Fran. She told me a plethora of things going on with me, including food allergies (I was already off cow’s milk and wheat), mercury poisoning, candida and finally Lyme! I trusted her judgment.

One month later, the horrific pain I was going the horrific pain I was going through subsided.

Slowly over the period of a year, seeing Fran for detox and other treatments, following my diet (for the most part) I am without my cane since Aug 19 or thereabouts of this past year, my body movement has become more limber and flexible.

And best of all my energy is back – better than before, I think. I have my life back.

I had no life for at least one solid year with this thing.

The relief I feel is tremendous. I was so frightened about what was happening to my body.

Fran’s treatments included all of me, all levels of being: an important part of holistic treatments, and why I rely on holistic “medicine” and not medical doctors.

Thanks to Fran and her genius for finding and studying complex and subtle alternative treatments.

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    1. I use Dr Dietrich Klinghardt’s protocols, using Autonomic Response Testing to determine the exact products. Each protocol is customized for each client, and tweaked as necessary as we go along. I use other products when they are appropriate. I do find that for clients who brought in Byron White remedies that they had been using, they generally test very well. However, I do not find they are sufficient, on their own, for chronic Lyme. I always have clients bring in whatever they are using, so we can determine what’s working for them and what isn’t, as well as how everything fits together, once we determine a working protocol.


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