Cistus Tea, or: How to become repulsive to ticks

Cistus tea seems to work well in repelling ticks, breaking down biofilm, and it tastes good too.

It’s HOT! My 2 new favorite hot-weather treats

How did we go from months of snow to monsoons to blistering heat?  It’s been hovering around 90 here for two days now (that’s 32.2 for you Celsius folks) so I had to come up with some fun, healthy and cooling new treats for us all.  They are both so simple, too. 1. Coconut WaterContinue reading “It’s HOT! My 2 new favorite hot-weather treats”

Thirsty but bored? What Can You Drink Besides Water?

One of the most frequent questions I get is: what can I drink besides water? Here are a full baker’s dozen of options for healthy natural delicious sugar-free summertime drinks.