Roster of Success: My Day at the Office

I saw nine clients yesterday: 4 for weight loss, 3 doing their Customized 21 Day Detox, and 2 for general health issues.

Everyone doing weight loss or detox lost weight and more importantly – fat.  How do we know? Because I use a medical grade body composition analyzer, and it tells us not only if you lost weight, but where, and whether it was fat, muscle or water.

Here’s the rundown:

  1. “My clothes are loose!  I wore a dress last night I haven’t been able to wear in a year. I feel good!”  On her 4th session, she’s lost 8 pounds of fat since beginning her 13 Week Success Program.
  2. “I’m surprised! This isn’t hard!” from a woman who just started, and is already sleeping and feeling better.
  3. “I’m not hungry at all”  from a woman who lost 5 pounds of fat in her first week, half of that just from her belly.
  4. A woman who just finished her 21 Day Detox lost 7 pounds of fat, 5 from her belly and said “I’m so glad I walked in to your office!”
  5. On her first week, a woman found “I’m able to control my appetite better. Turns out being hungry was just a habit, not a reality.”
  6. And a woman in my 13 Week Success Program has gone from 100 pounds of body fat to just 76 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks, still 5 more to go.  Not only that, her skin glows, she radiates health and vitality, looks about a decade younger, and all her friends and colleagues are astounded at the change.
  7. Another client who comes in for general health and well-being worked with me on how to deal with unrelenting job stress without making herself either sick or miserable.
  8. “I’m not depriving myself of anything!” and yet lost 5 pounds in her first week, half from her belly.
  9. And lastly, a client who has not been well since a surgery went wrong years ago did some more work to support and rebalance her system.

All in all, a very gratifying day.  Wouldn’t you like to be among the people getting such fabulous results?

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