The Feeding Tube Diet – Really???

“When a traditional diet and exercise doesn’t work,” he added, “you have to go to more extreme things, like bariatric surgery or this.”

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No. You don’t.

I have worked with many hundreds of women who say they have “tried everything and nothing works”.  They are amazed when they start to lose fat, primarily from their bellies, without hunger or deprivation, and feel and look better than they have in years.  It’s not that hard, truly.  You  just need the right support, guidance and information.

Why is it so hard for many women to lose weight? Most of them are trying to lose it the wrong way.  Radical diets that create short term losses and long term gains damage the metabolism. Yo-yo dieting and restricted calories create what is called weight loss resistance.  That’s not psychological resistance, but biochemical, within the body.  It can be very frustrating for women when they believe they are doing everything right, and the harder they try, the less they lose.

Surprisingly, weight loss resistance can be addressed successfully and turned around in a relatively short time. Such extreme and – pardon me – bizarre measures as walking around with a feed tube for weeks to lose 10 pounds are simply not necessary.

If you are frustrated and can’t lose weight on “traditional diets and exercise” please give me a call. I can help.

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