Why Nutrition Is So Confusing – NYTimes.com

“rapidly increasing rates of obesity and diabetes suggest that something about the conventional thinking is simply wrong.”

via Why Nutrition Is So Confusing – NYTimes.com.

Indeed. According to the article, the rate of obesity in America has tripled, and diabetes has increased seven-fold. Clearly, the advice we’ve been listening to is dead wrong. Literally.

As this article indicates, much research has been done, but little of it long term, or with humans. Why? Because Big Pharma pays for most research here, and not only would they have no interest in nutritional studies, it actually goes against their interests. After all, the sicker you are, the better they do.

Frankly, the results of my practice with thousands of clients over more than 20 years are indisputable. My clients lose weight – and by weight I mean fat, not muscle or hydration. They improve all measures of lab work, including cholesterol, glucose, and even hormones. They feel and look better than they ever thought possible.

Please don’t wait for some definitive study, or for the mainstream press to catch up with the front lines of clinical practice. Research always lags behind reality. We do have the understanding and answers to help people turn this epidemic around right now.

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