Why Nutrition Is So Confusing – NYTimes.com

“rapidly increasing rates of obesity and diabetes suggest that something about the conventional thinking is simply wrong.” via Why Nutrition Is So Confusing – NYTimes.com. Indeed. According to the article, the rate of obesity in America has tripled, and diabetes has increased seven-fold. Clearly, the advice we’ve been listening to is dead wrong. Literally. AsContinue reading “Why Nutrition Is So Confusing – NYTimes.com”

Why I Love Pomegranates – And You Should, Too

This article was published as my Holistic Outlook column in The Times Herald Record. [Tip: Soak your fingers in a little white vinegar after eating pomegranates. The vinegar will turn a pretty pink and your fingers will be pristine again!] No, I don’t have dirty fingernails, and I haven’t been dying wool, as one clientContinue reading “Why I Love Pomegranates – And You Should, Too”