13 Week Success Program – New Lower Price!

If you want to finally get some answers, and peace of mind about how to lose the fat once and for all, how to eat, how to stay healthy, how to feel and look amazing…
If you are sick of diets and pills and programs that don’t work (and never could) that leave you frustrated and approaching despair… (it’s NOT your fault! Let me teach you what WORKS!)
If you want an approach that will work for you for the rest of your life…

This is it.

My 13 Week Success Program has helped hundreds of people every year reclaim their leaner, sexier, healthier and happier selves. When you wake up feeling great, stay clear-minded and productive all day, and sleep soundly each night, the world is your oyster! Please please please don’t believe the hype that it’s normal to feel lousy as you age. I promise you: you’re going to be surprised by how good you can feel, and what “normal” truly is.

Start your 13 Week Success Program, and I will customize an individual program for you, take you through it personally week by week, every step of the way, until you reach – and even surpass – your goals. Every week I see new clients who come in and say “nothing works” and within a few weeks, they, too, are getting amazing results: losing fat, losing bloat, losing brain fog, losing aches and pains. Sleeping better, understanding how to choose the best foods in any circumstances, feeling confident, revitalized, replenished and renewed. Sounds good, right?

Want to join them? I’ve got some special offers to get you started:

I’ve just reduced the price of the 13 Week Success Program to $999. That includes

  • identifying your food sensitivities- this is a HUGE key to success!
  • putting together a customized plan for you and adjusting it during the course of the program as your body transforms and your metabolism heals
  • tracking changes weekly via body composition analysis (not just weight!), including a print out of your overall body fat, hydration and muscle, as well as a separate analysis of each arm, each leg and your belly – because I want to make sure that you are losing FAT, not precious muscle, bone or hydration. (I have colleagues that charge an additional $35 a session just to run and interpret this analysis for their clients!)
  • weekly suggestions, based on your individual eating style, to optimize results, boost energy, and help you feel GREAT
  • ongoing help with essential issues such as digestion, sleep, and hormonal imbalance
  • exercise suggestions that fit into your busy schedule but get you real results
  • plenty of written materials to inform and inspire you when I’m not there
  • monthly group meetings where you can sample and share healthy recipes, ask questions, hear how others are doing, and more
  • a private Facebook group for additional support

Plus, I will give you a free session in my new Zen Vitality Room, a $55 value, that is going to rock your success even more. Or, add the Zen Vitality Room for the whole 13 weeks for only $297, for an additional savings of $50. Just let me know when you book your Success Program, and I’ll set you up.

Want to read what clients have said about this program or get more details? Here you go

Please don’t waste any more time or money on programs or products that don’t work. I will teach you how to get the results you’ve dreamed about. This is an investment in the quality of your health, for the rest of your life.

Click on on the link to schedule your first appointment and get started now.

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