June Giveaway: Hormone book and Consults with Me

WHOOHOOO!!!! I love to keep learning, and to put it at the service of my clients!

May 2014 marked my completion of additional training on hormones with Sara Gottfried, MD, updating the very extensive training I did with endocrinologist Diana Schwarzbein some years ago.

For instance, here is one of my biggest takeaways:

You can’t fix the other hormones without addressing the adrenals.

So if you’re wondering why you’re still sluggish and tired and can’t lose weight, why you have PMS, or night sweats, or acne, sugar cravings, or mood swings…

you might need to heal your adrenals.

For most of us, with our busy stressful 24/7 lives, it’s hard to get a handle on adrenal health.

So I’m delighted that I have lots more tips and tricks now to work with both high and low cortisol issues.

Did you know that many people have BOTH?

If you’re wired and tired, you might be one of them: tired in the morning when your cortisol should be highest, and wired at night when it should be lowest.

You can fix this, and I can help!

Dr Sara has given me 2 copies of her hardcover book, part of my June Giveaway!

And… as they say…. that’s not all!!!

Along with the books, 5 lucky people will win a half hour one on one hormone consult with me. In a half hour Laser Session, I’ll be able to give you an overview of where your imbalances are, and how we might get started bringing you back into balance.

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I highly recommend the book, but there’s a LOT of info in there, and I know most people get overwhelmed trying to sort it all out themselves.

If you simply want a done-for-you program, make an appointment with me, and I’ll get you back on track hormonally with a customized program including nutrition, supplements and more.

We can work in person or long distance (skype or phone)


8 thoughts on “June Giveaway: Hormone book and Consults with Me

  1. I do have 2 small children that took us 7 years to conceive the first time. I suffer from insulin resistance due to PCOS. I am tired all of the time and don’t have enough energy to play with my daughters. I suffer from IBS and was diagnosed as having generalized anxiety. I hope that wasn’t too much info to answer your question…lol!


  2. i desperately need fran’s help. i have many medical issues including lyme. i would love to win a session with her.


  3. I own and have read the first edition of the book and, along with Fran’s help over many years, it has helped me and my family tremendously.


  4. I appear to have multiple imbalances and have been working with an Integrative Medicine MD for a few years. Symptoms have been worsening lately and we have some tests ordered, but I haven’t been feeling as confident about his approach. Then I read this book (thanks Fran) and now I feel like maybe a conversation with Fran will be quite valuable. 🙂


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