Your Red Carpet VIP Day with Fran

Over the years, I’ve had many clients ask for a VIP Day with me: a chance to work one on one for the day, with my full attention, in order to access profound shifts in their health and well-being more quickly and effectively.

I’ve put together a day of luxury and healing that you can use either on your own or with a friend: significant other, friend, sister, mom, daughter – what a perfect holiday gift!

You will be nourished, pampered, and have a significant jump-start on your health and well-being. The session time can be used for any issues you want to address, or you can let me find what is in your highest priority for the day.

Your VIP Day will start at 9:30 and end at around 2. It includes:

  •  A healthy breakfast shake with either Bulletproof coffee or tea that I prepare for you. While you enjoy, we will discuss your goals for the day.
  • One on one session with me
  • Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment
  • Cleansing and healing Facial Mask
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Light lunch; walk (if the weather, and you, are amenable)
  • Detox session with me
  • Personalized Guided Visualization, based on your work with me over the course of the day; recorded so you can keep it and use it any time
  • Microcirculation session and Personalized training on the Vibration Plate to go back out into the world with great energy and vitality.
  • Other options can be discussed

VIP Day for One: Value $845  Cost $547

VIP Day for Two: Value $1598 Cost $1000. (save almost $100 when you come together) Each person will still have individual time with me, and some shared together.

Please note that Red Carpet VIP Days must be booked directly with me not via the online calendar. Please contact me at or 845-496-0385 to discuss and arrange for your special day.

 Example of a VIP Day Schedule:

9:30 Bulletproof Coffee or Organic Tea and a breakfast shake; discuss your goals for the day

10 One on one session

11 Raindrop/Light Frequency Session

12 Therapeutic Facial Mask and Infrared Sauna

12:45 light lunch; maybe a walk

1 Detox Session

1:30 Guided Visualization

1:45 BEMER Microcirculation Session

2 Customized training on the Vibration Plate



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