Got Milk? Might Not Be Doing You Much Good –

“More and more evidence is surfacing, however, that milk consumption may not only be unhelpful, it might also be detrimental.”

I see the alarm on clients’ faces when I tell them to stop drinking milk, and they ask “but what about my bones?”

Here is yet MORE evidence- lots of it – that drinking milk does NOT help your bones.

In fact, according to this article, studies shows that drinking milk can INCREASE the incidence of fractures. These are large studies, over time.

Can we stop guzzling now, please? Or even adding a daily yogurt?

As for the conclusions on Vit D, however, I strongly disagree. There is substantial research on the benefits of getting blood levels up (although not from milk). What is essential is to take it with the right form of Vit K, which helps shuttle that calcium out of the blood stream (where it causes heart disease) and into the bones.

Another clarification I feel is essential. Yes, the addition of dairy products to our diet contributes to obesity. But this article suggests that low fat is better because it is fewer calories, when the truth is that without the fat, there is a higher concentration of milk sugars, making the problem worse. The fats slow down the uptake of the sugars; without them you get a blood sugar rush. One of my teachers, endocrinologist Diana Schwarzbein, MD, used to use milk, rather than orange juice, to raise diabetics’ blood sugar when it dropped. She said it was much faster and more effective.

That is NOT the effect the rest of us want on a regular basis.

I recommend substituting coconut milk (look for brands without added carageenan). Its healthy fats create satiety, are nourishing for the brain and nervous system, and it will NOT raise your blood sugar or contribute to obesity.

Want food sources of calcium? Try nuts and seeds, dark leafy greens, or sardines.

Got Milk? Might Not Be Doing You Much Good –

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