Sale! 12 Healthy Holiday Gift Indulgences from Sussman Holistic

12 Healthy Gifts from the inexpensive to the extravagant!
Everything listed is on sale for the holidays
Gift Certificates available for anything listed; just ask (

1. Sweets for the Sweet $35

  • 1 xylitol (for baking),
  • 1 Liquid Stevia (for beverages)
  • 1 each flavor Fran’s Vitality Bars

2. Raise the Bar
On the run? Pace too hectic and you don’t have time to sit down and eat a balanced meal?

Keep some of my bars on hand to keep you balanced and full for hours.
Also perfect for all those little gifts like your kids’ teachers, coaches, bus drivers, etc.

  • 1 box of each flavor Fran’s Vitality Bars $45 ($3 off)
  • 2 boxes of each flavor: save $7 ($89)

3. A month private membership in the Zen Vitality Room infrared sauna (12 sessions), with use of microcirculation mat and vibration plate included ($134.10) or a single one hour session for $31.50 (each 10% off)

4.  Super-Immunity Package

  • 1 each: Thieves Spray, lozenges, and hand lotion for $42. I wouldn’t travel anywhere without these 3!
  • Include Thieves essential oil and add $40.
  • Include Silvercillin (tested effective against MRSA. safe for any age: orally, on skin, in ears, eyes, nose) and add $45

5. Raindrop Session Enjoy the luxury of a one hour treatment of 9-15 personally selected essential oils applied to your feet and along your spine, while enjoying a light frequency treatment that calms your adrenals $149

  • Follow with 20 minutes in the infrared sauna (add $15)

6. My Personal Mentoring Group Consider giving a gift – to yourself or someone who needs it – of membership in my upcoming group on Resilience through Illness and Recovery.

  • This 6 week group is for anyone currently or previously dealing with chronic health issues.
  • December’s meeting is a Bonus to celebrate our coming together, with healthy snacks and a guided visualization, planting ourselves firmly in the healing mode as we move through the holidays.
  • After the holidays we will meet weekly for 6 weeks. More info here

7. Focus on the Face: Premium SkinCare Package
This is an amazing combination of tools that will make your skin look and feel absolutely gorgeous

  • Professional quality 3mm Derma Roller. This device triggers regeneration of the skin, stimulating elastin and collagen production. It also allows deepest penetration of the mask and serum, which is why they all play so well together!
  • Nutrient-dense, skin-purifying mask to exfoliate, reduce pore openings, stimulate blood flow and encourage growth of new skin cells, plus
  • Essential oil serum with over 190 bio-active compounds that soothe, heal and aid cellular regeneration.
  • Full directions on how to use these items safely and effectively together
  • My special bonus Report: Top Ten Skin Care Tips.

Complete Package: $197 (DermaRoller alone is over $130)

  • Buy the mask by itself $49 on sale

8. One on One Coaching Sessions with Fran – you choose, 10% off
For yourself, or a gift certificate for someone you care about

  • One hour $157.50 ($175)
  • Two Hours $315 ($350)
  • Full 3 hour Initial Consultation $405  ($450)

If you’ve been waiting to come in yourself, or want to gift someone you love, this is my best offer! (Especially because I usually offer ONLY 3 hour sessions to new clients)

Must be used by Jan 31, 2015

My initial consultation is three hours: the first part to take a very thorough history (health, nutrition, medical, emotional, lifestyle, activity, stress level, sleep, family, etc), and review blood work, then do my very extensive “detective work”, which includes looking at food sensitivities, environmental issues, and any underlying microbial problems, and finally, I will customize a program for you, including nutrition and supplements, as well as suggestions for sleep, exercise, etc.

You can use the one or two hour sessions for anything you like (food sensitivity testing, supplement testing, nutritional planning, reviewing blood work, detox, help with a specific health issue such as hormones, digestion, etc) but please understand that I will not be able to do everything I normally do in a full Initial Consultation.

9. Customized 21 Day Detox

Let me develop a Detox program specifically for you, based on your nutritional needs, health issues, age, metabolism and more. Includes

  • 3 one on one sessions with me (in the office or by skype if you’re long distance)
  • a shake to use as a meal replacement once a day, plus
  • 2 additional supplements to help you succeed and get the most out of your 21 days on this program.
  • No deprivation, no hunger, no cravings – GREAT results!
  • See more on results of this popular and successful program here
  • first session must be booked by Jan 31, 2015

Use it to prep for the holidays, or as “recovery” after. $357 ($40 off)

10. My most popular combo program: I Want It ALL!

The Customized 21 Day Detox PLUS the 13 Week Success Program.
All the tools you need, with
Individual feedback, accountability and support from me to fully integrate them for the long term.

I will personally walk you through the changes you need to make, for a full 13 weeks.

You will get great results from this that will help you reclaim your health and vitality in 2015 like you may never have had it before, and the confidence and experience to integrate these changes for the long term.

What kind of results? Lose fat and weight with no cravings, no hunger, more energy, better sleep, healthy digestion, balanced hormones, improved mental focus, clear up skin, and SO much more.

  • 15% off ($1100; payment plan available)
  • first session must be booked by Jan 31, 2015
  • See more info and clients’ results with their Success Program here and for the 21 Day Detox here  Combine them for over 20% off for this special offer.

 11. VIP Day with Fran
Many people requested this for the holiday season, and I have put together a wonderful day that includes both healing and pampering. Enjoy on your own, or with a pal. The schedule can be customized, but includes detox, essential oil treatment, facial, sauna, guided visualization and more. Details and a sample schedule here

12. “Elevate Your Energy” Pack
Want an energy boost that works without caffeine, sugar or stimulants of any kind? No jitters, no crash, and helps with the effects of stress.
Sound good? This combo includes:

  • 10,000 mcg liquid B12 PLUS a botanical energy shot that helps combat fatigue.
  • 12 individual servings of each product.
  • $61 ($10 off)


If you would like a gift certificate either  printed or emailed for any of these items, or for a particular dollar amount, just ask. And don’t forget to treat yourself, too.

All products limited to inventory on hand. I reserve the right to limit quantities.

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