New Class: Women Food & Desire

This class is being postponed to accommodate a few people who asked. Please comment or email me if you’re interested, and I’ll let you know when it’s rescheduled.

What if your cravings were the key to a happier, healthier life?

What if you could understand them as a road map to finally make peace with your body and live a more sensual, vital, and purposeful life?

What if you never felt guilty again about what you ate?
No. More. Guilt. Ever.

You can’t shame yourself healthy or happy.

You need to love yourself into it.
You can learn what truly nourishes and supports you in thriving in your life: body mind and spirit.

Knowing what you “should” eat is never enough to create lasting change.

You need tools to access and understand the innate wisdom of your body, so that food becomes your ally in creating a more authentic life, and is never again “the enemy”.

What if you could lose the “Diet Mentality”, eat for both pleasure and health, and learn to truly nourish yourself: body, mind and spirit?

Holistic Health Practitioner Fran Sussman will offer a 4 week course based on the new bestseller “Women, Food and Desire” as well as her 2 decades of experience helping women discover how to truly support themselves in thriving. Author Alexandra Jameison will join us by skype for one class.

Class runs 4 Thursdays starting March 12th at 7PM at Sussman Holistic Services, 29 Goshen Rd, Chester NY. Fee is $197 and includes a hardcover copy of the book, plus a cookbook and video series from the author.

A few partial scholarships are available.

Your book is available as soon as you register. Please choose whether you want to pick the book up in my waiting room, or have me ship it to you.

Class Includes Hardcover Copy of Women Food and Desire
Pick Up Book In Office $197.00 USDHave Book Shipped to You $203.50 USD

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