Study Proves Eczema Is an Autoimmune Disease

Oh. My. Gosh.

Well, I’m glad that this is a scientifically proven fact now, but please don’t take medication to solve the problem.

Instead, get to the root cause of why your body is attacking itself. That will help not only with eczema, but so much more.

In the case of eczema, the root cause is virtually always food sensitivities, and the primary culprits are gluten and dairy.

I have seen many hundreds of cases of eczema clear up in my practice by eliminating these foods, healing the gut and lowering the inflammation response, all of which can happen very quickly, whether you are young, old, or any age in-between.

In fact, eczema was a big part of how I got into this work, in 1993. You can read more about that here.

For the First Time, Study Proves Eczema Is an Autoimmune Disease.

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