How to Support Your Immune System

I am so blessed to do what I do for a living. I learn cutting-edge nutritional solutions years ahead of mainstream medicine and the press and public at large. And then I share those solutions with YOU, my extended tribe.

Colostrum is precisely one of those high value finds, and I am excited to share my findings on this very special nutritional product. So read on…

You may have heard me wax rhapsodic about herbal adaptogens, and why I want everyone on them (because they nourish and support you on the cellular level, helping your body to self-regulate naturally).

Colostrum does the same for your immune system. 

What is it?

Colostrum is the first milk of all mammals, passing along immunity and cellular protection. I love this product in particular because it is from very happy healthy grass-fed free ranging cows, and because their calves get first dibs. But our stuff is collected within the first six hours, when the healing potential is the greatest. Unlike humans, cows naturally produce more colostrum, for longer.

By the way, I have had NO problems using this with dairy-sensitive clients. In fact, it may help you tolerate sensitivities better by rebooting your production of enzymes.

Colostrum is a rich creamy powder that can be blended into drinks, treats, and food for both added nutrition and added flavor. I’ve been looking at colostrum products for over a decade. This is the first one that met – and surpassed – my standards.

Summary of Colostrum’s Benefits
•    Restores leaky gut to normal permeability
•    Used as a facial mask, it helps revitalize skin, and reverse aging, sun damage and scars
•    Increases bone density
•    Increases absorption of other nutrients
•    Speeds recovery from injury
•    Promotes T-Cell maturation
•    Supports and regulates your immune system to its best advantage

This last point is SO important, because most of what you take for your immune system either up-regulates or down-regulates your immune system. Colostrum supports it in returning to normal self-regulation instead. This is a significant and beneficial difference.

This colostrum is processed at low temps and has over identified 97 immune factors and 87 growth factors. There are probably thousands we’ll never identify! It is truly Nature’s first SuperFood!

Order by emailing me, or buy it from Surthrival, the only colostrum I recommend.

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