It’s HOT! My 2 new favorite hot-weather treats

How did we go from months of snow to monsoons to blistering heat?  It’s been hovering around 90 here for two days now (that’s 32.2 for you Celsius folks) so I had to come up with some fun, healthy and cooling new treats for us all.  They are both so simple, too.

1. Coconut Water Pops

Pour your favorite coconut water into some pop molds – they’re everywhere right now, or you can get some nicer ones like this from Amazon. Put them in the freezer and voila! An electrolyte-filled and cooling treat.

2. Iced Dandy Blend
I’ve been drinking hot Dandy Blend with coconut milk all winter, and loving it. Yesterday, I tried it iced for the first time. WOW! It’s a perfect healthy replacement for iced coffee!
Dandy Blend provides the benefits of dandelion root and is a great substitute if you’re trying to drink less coffee, or just want a healthy, tasty beverage. You can even make a latte, mocha, or shake with it.

Since so many people requested it, and it’s hard to find, I am selling Dandy Blend in the office now. Let me know if you want to pick up a bag. I have 100 cup and 200 cup bags for $10.95 and $17.95, respectively, so it’s very economical, too. You can also buy single serving packs at 3 for $1 (very handy to keep in your purse).

3. And don’t forget some iced Cistus Tea to repel ticks.

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