It’s HOT! My 2 new favorite hot-weather treats

How did we go from months of snow to monsoons to blistering heat?  It’s been hovering around 90 here for two days now (that’s 32.2 for you Celsius folks) so I had to come up with some fun, healthy and cooling new treats for us all.  They are both so simple, too. 1. Coconut WaterContinue reading “It’s HOT! My 2 new favorite hot-weather treats”

Focus on (Super)Foods

Synthetic supplements are just a guess at what nutrients in foods are healthy and healing, and they’re not always in a form your body recognizes. Instead of ending up with an expensive toilet flush, try adding these nutrient-dense superfoods to your menu.

Have a warming healthy mug of hot chocolate!

Here’s how to make a simple, delicious cup of cocoa that’s actually good for you. And learn about Dandy Blend, a tasty, healthful coffee substitute, or just a yummy treat.