First Giveaway of 2014: BULLETPROOF Coffee!

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Here’s my coffee story.

I love coffee. After college, living on my own for the first time in NYC, I pretty much lived on coffee, ice cream and mangos for a while, just because I could. Then, as I got older, it was pretty clear that coffee did not really agree with me. It made me jittery, and I assumed I couldn’t tolerate the caffeine, so I switched to tea, and the occasional decaf. That was it, for decades.

Then at a JJ Virgin event last summer, Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof, was there making us all Bulletproof Coffee, with pastured butter and MCT oil. I was jetlagged and weary, so I broke my rule and tried a cup. Oh. My. Gosh. I’d never had anything like it. It helped me focus and think, and I had no jitters. Okay, I thought, maybe it was just a jet lag remedy. But nope. I had it every morning and every morning I felt great: focused, energized, happy, calm and clear. Yeah, this was good! I immediately started making it myself at home, and sharing the Bulletproof recipe with my family, friends, and followers.

But here’s what really convinced me. On another trip a couple of months ago, I debated bringing my Bulletproof, but decided it was silly. I could get good organic coffee there, and make it the same way, right? Well guess what? I still can’t tolerate coffee, even high quality organic coffee made with pastured butter. I bought 3 different kinds and got the same results: I was jittery and unfocussed, just like I used to be. And that’s when I decided Bulletproof was too good not to be able to hand to people right in my office. So that’s what I’m doing. Enter my Giveaway. And ask for a package of Bulletproof coffee next time you’re in the neighborhood. You will be so happy you did!

Too far away to stop by? Use this link to buy online. Shop

p.s. It’s not just me, of course. I have had so many clients who can’t tolerate coffee for various reasons. The 3 major reasons are:
1. it tests as a food sensitivity
2. it irritates their gut
3. it makes them jittery, like me
Almost without exception, these people do GREAT with Bulletproof, made the way I recommend here.

So get yourself Bulletproof. Get it from me, enter the Giveaway, or just <a href="Shop But you’ve got to experience this stuff. You can thank me later.

10 thoughts on “First Giveaway of 2014: BULLETPROOF Coffee!

  1. I tried Upgraded coffee after reading your recommendation and CANNOT drink any other coffee now!! Thank you for promoting such a great product.


  2. So, I have kind of a different reaction to coffee. Is it odd that it makes me sleepy? I drink my coffee with nothing in it at all and I drink either a dark roast coffee or espresso (always a quadruple). I am just curious as to whether or not this bulletproof coffee going to be any different? I keep reading great things about it.


    1. Melanie, it seems likely that’s a food sensitivity reaction, but I am only guessing since I don’t know you and your health circumstances. If so, you may do better with Bulletproof, both because there are no molds and mycotoxins, which there are in regular coffee, and because the coffee itself is cleaner. Also if you need 4 espressos, I’m guessing your adrenals are shot and you are truly exhausted. But those are guesses and I truly don’t know.


  3. I just picked some up the other day and am excited. I don’t really get itters from coffee but found when I followed the recipe, even with the coconut oil, I was Focused, energetic, not as hungry and didn’t seek a cup later in the day..
    Fyi I always assumed the feed from coffee was from the acid, but I just learned that caffeinated coffee effects esophageal opening and closing. Definately good to have less and get more bang for the cup!


  4. I am ALWAYS exhausted and coffee does nothing to help…I just like the taste, however, I only have it occasionally – mostly in the winter. How does one fix their adrenals if they are shot?


    1. Melanie, that’s something we could work on in sessions. I can’t tell you without a full intake and history. But you could certainly start on your own with some stress management techniques and 8+ hours of sleep a night.


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