Gluten Causes Depression

“Short-term exposure to gluten specifically induced current feelings of depression with no effect on other indices or on emotional disposition.”

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Most people are still confused about symptoms from gluten sensitivity. No, it isn’t always in your gut. In fact, most of the time it isn’t.

For many, gluten can cause symptoms of depression, irritability, anxiety, lethargy, with no gut symptoms at all.

I have helped many clients get off medications for depression and anxiety by changing their nutrition and eliminating gluten.

Of course, because it causes systemic inflammation, it can wreak havoc anywhere in your body: skin, thyroid, and joints, among the most common.

Thankfully, the medical world has finally recognized that gluten sensitivity is a separate diagnosis from celiac disease.

But at this point, based on all the research we have, I would go even further. It is pretty clear that gluten is damaging to everyone. 100% of us. In addition to the above, it is associated with a higher incidence of diabetes and heart disease.

I’m starting to think of it not as a food sensitivity, but a non-food.

Ready to re-think your consumption of gluten? Please do. And let me know if I can help.









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