Notes from CAM Cancer Conference (Annie Appleseed)

I’ve wanted to go to this conference for years, and the timing was finally right. I learned a lot, both personally and professionally.

I’ll get to the “meat” of the conference in a bit (ha – inside joke there, as it was a vegetarian conference!) but first some of what inspired me.

I was there to talk about my 2 online courses: Resilience (thriving through illness and recovery), starting soon, and Zen Vitality Detox, starting again late April. But of course, so much more happened than what I expected.

What is it worth to help one person? On the very first day, the cost of being away from my practice, of travel and of being an exhibitor, was worth every cent when I was able to connect a very ill man with exactly the right person to help him. It wasn’t me, but I knew who it was. What a blessing.

I met another man who radiated kindness and wisdom. He let me take a look at his upcoming book about people told they were terminal by major cancer centers and oncologists, all currently thriving 5, 10 and 20+ years later. Their stories and treatment protocols are varied, but they have one thing in common – they are all “fighters”. Upon receiving dire diagnoses and prognoses these courageous people refused to accept their “expiration dates”. The book also includes extensive interviews with 5 doctors whose cutting edge integrative/alternative cancer therapies are bringing about wonderful outcomes. I felt so validated that this information was greatly in-sync with my own synthesis of what helps, what can turn things around, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I cannot wait to read and own the final published book (hopefully later this year and you know I will let you know). And, in my adolescence, I was a regular shopper at his parents’ fabric store on Long Island! (yeah, I sewed my own clothes for years) What an amazing coincidence!

I had the privilege of hearing Dr Isaac Eliaz, who presented research on modified citrus pectins. I’ve used these to address Lyme disease and heavy metals for over a decade, but I had no idea how powerful MCPs are in prevention and treatment of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fibrosis, Alzheimer’s, arthritis; how helpful they can be during chemo and radiation, decreasing the symptoms while increasing the therapeutic effects; and so many other ways they can be therapeutic. Both the research and clinical reports were abundant, and I am excited to start working with Dr Eliaz’ protocols, including several other unusual but well-researched products he recommends. I had the delight of being able to pick his brain about a few things one on one, and we are continuing the conversation long distance. He is both brilliant and generous, and I foresee him being a tremendous asset to my practice.

I also got additional research and resources for using propolis, which has been a standard in my practice for some time. I’ve used brown propolis, and green propolis, but didn’t know anything about red propolis! The good stuff comes from Brazil (like green) and has unique antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and immune modulating properties. I can now get formulas that are less “sticky”, which I know has been an issue for many who’ve used this therapeutic gem.

Medical Marijuana was one of the main themes of the conference this year. I’ve used CBD oil in my practice for a few years, and medical marijuana was recently legalized in NY. However, it’s a morass of confusion and red tape for anyone who wants access. (if you know of anyone who’s succeeded in this state, I’d love to hear from them) A knowledgeable young man named Justin Kander presented vast amounts of research on cannabanoids’ effectiveness and safety in killing or inhibiting cancer cells, along with reports on MS, Parkinsons, and more. His recent e-book on cannabis and cancer is on my must-read book list. Stacy Shymansky, founder of World Wide Women’s Cannabis Alliance, reported that cannabinoid medicines can treat over 42 conditions, including MS, Autism, Alzheimer’s, auto-immune diseases and more. She is working with a medical team and clinic in Jamaica established to do clinical trials.

I met numerous other professionals I’ll be staying in touch with, including journalist Jennifer Boden, homeopath Lise Battaglia, nutritionist Helayne Waldman, and coach Carmen Ortiz, who was interested in translating some of my work into Spanish.

I had a chance to connect with a good friend who was in FL for the month, and thanks to Yelp, we had an excellent healthy dinner featuring Ginger Guacamole: just regular guac with grated ginger blended in – yum! I’ll be making that at home, guaranteed!

Every speaker emphasized “food first”: that thinking something you take would be a magic potion – “the answer” – was misguided if optimal nutrition wasn’t in place. Of course, there were differences about what optimal nutrition looked like, but the agreement was that it should be anti-inflammatory, improve insulin sensitivity, and support immune system and mitochondrial health.

Many of you know that I always emphasize the importance of  getting your hydration to optimal levels and that it’s NOT just about how much you drink, but the quality and components of your water, plus your ability to absorb it into your tissues. If you are drinking all day and it goes right through you; if you are constantly needing to run to the bathroom, you are NOT being hydrated. Well, that was my sudden and surprising experience drinking hotel water for 4 days. Plus, I felt thirsty all the time! Very annoying, though instructive, and next time I travel, I will be sure to take some electrolytes with me.

As for West Palm Beach, I didn’t see much of its sunshine and warmth. But I did have a lovely 270 degree view from my 13th floor hotel room (I like that it wasn’t a superstitious hotel!), including of the water. All in all, it was time and energy well spent, and I look forward to participating again.

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  1. Thanks Fran for your dedication and energy and sharing!

    Did you know that there is a breast cancer integrative medicine conference at SUNY New Paltz on April 17 ?
    for info:
    It’s not too late to get your business advertised in the program!

    One of the sessions deals with medical marijuana in NY so you could maybe make a connect. I’ll let you know what I find out.
    Happy Spring!
    your Sat. Morning Y buddy, Brooke


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