Taking Calcium? You may want to stop right now

I’ve been repeating almost daily, for years, that taking calcium supplements is one of the reasons we have an epidemic of heart disease in women. Now research shows the additional risk – to your brain.

Supplemental calcium is associated with increased risk of dementia.

It makes perfect sense to me. Here’s why:

Just because your bones have calcium doesn’t mean that adding more calcium will give you better stronger bones.

Not at all. That’s just another example of what I call “the mechanistic view of the body”.

But we are not machines. The body is so much more complex and dynamic.

When you add calcium, it doesn’t automatically go to your bones, nice as that would be. It often stays in your circulatory system, where it creates plaque, which contributes to heart disease. And where else does it create plaque? Apparently, in your brain.

Want better bones? Here is what you actually need:

  • A healthy gut to absorb the minerals from your food.  (If you can’t absorb nutrients from your food, what are the chances you can break down, absorb and assimilate and utilize a supplement? Pretty low!).
  • Adequate Vitamin K to shuttle the minerals into your bones, where they belong.
  • Some weight-bearing exercise, or a whole body vibration plate. The latter is how I built my bone density back after chemo, and I make it available in my office.

These ideas will slowly reach the mainstream over the next decade… or so…. But why wait? Your body and brain depend on your taking the right measures NOW!

If you want to keep up with what really works in nutrition and health, you can count on me to keep UP with the research, and AHEAD of conventional practice, and thought.

In the meantime, you might want to throw out that calcium supplement!

Source: Calcium supplements linked to dementia risk in women with certain health conditions — ScienceDaily

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