The Government’s Bad Diet Advice

You can wait for the government to apologize that they got it wrong for 2 generations… or you can consult with me and get it right. Yeah, I told you so.

What Symptoms Suggest Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity?

You might be surprised. Although there can be gastrointestinal issues, often those symptoms are “silent” in someone even with a severe gluten sensitivity. Also, many people consider it “normal” to have just a few bowel movements a week, chronic constipation, or intermittent episodes of diarrhea and constipation. As I often say: common, but not normal.Continue reading “What Symptoms Suggest Celiac or Gluten Sensitivity?”

Thinking Twice About Calcium Supplements –

“as with many other pills once regarded as innocuous, the safety and efficacy of calcium supplements in preventing bone loss is being called into question.” via Thinking Twice About Calcium Supplements – I’ll just keep saying it again and again: it’s not about how much you ingest. It’s about the ability to absorb, assimilateContinue reading “Thinking Twice About Calcium Supplements –”

F.D.A. to Review Safety of Popular Bone Drugs –

F.D.A. to Review Safety of Popular Bone Drugs – It is not necessary to use risky medications when bone density can be significantly improved by simply eliminating food sensitivities and modifying nutrition, making it possible for the body to absorb and utilize minerals more efficiently.  I have seen this with numerous clients who hadContinue reading “F.D.A. to Review Safety of Popular Bone Drugs –”