Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still (and neither should you)

“Kids aren’t meant to sit still all day and take in information…Adults aren’t wired that way either.”

Source: Why Kids Shouldn’t Sit Still in Class – The New York Times

One of the first public talks I ever gave was on ADD/ADHD, over 20 years ago, and in the first row was a little old lady who kept shaking her head and sighing. At the end of the presentation, she raised her hand and asked to speak. Of course I agreed.

“I was a teacher for 34 years” she told us. We had a name for kids like that. Do you know what it was?” She paused for effect. “NORMAL” she said emphatically. Those kids were normal!”

 There are many ways in which she is right, and more so now than ever before. It is the environment and expectations that have changed around our kids, not their brains or their behavior. It simply is not normal for us to sit all day long and focus non-stop without movement. It is not how we are designed.

I encourage movement throughout the day. Research shows it supports more and better work for adults and kids alike.

For more ideas about how to incorporate movement into your day for better health and productivity, see the articles below.


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