The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles (surprise!)

the decline in the cellular health of muscles associated with aging was “corrected” with exercise, especially if it was intense

Source: The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles – The New York Times

I’ve been avidly, passionately, intensely [wink] recommending short intense training for well over a decade now. I experienced the results in my own body and mind, and in many hundreds of my clients as well.

When I began there wasn’t much research, but now it is pretty much incontrovertible, and each study just adds another facet to the diamond.

SO many of us either don’t exercise, or over-exercise, spending hours a week doing cardio that makes us less healthy and breaks us down rather than building and retaining that precious muscle tone.

Intensity Interval training with functional fitness makes it so easy to get the results you have longed for: just 15 minutes three times a week is all you need to look, feel and function better.

Want one more important tip? Make sure you breathe through your nose when you exercise. Breathing through your mouth signals danger – like there’s a saber tooth tiger behind you. That triggers a flood of stress hormones, which may feel good in the short term (after all they’re meant to get you to safety with your life intact) but you will sacrifice for that short term goal, becoming more catabolic, and actually breaking down muscle and other precious tissue. Breathing through your nose tells your brain you are safe.

My favorite exercise program is cheap, simple (not easy), can be done at any level of expertise, and without any equipment, with dumbbells, or with bands. 15 minutes 3x a week for real results, at any age Get it here

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