Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

The underlying and rather disheartening message of that finding, of course, is that physical activity by itself is not going to make and keep you thin.

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I’ve been telling people for years that weight loss is at least 80% nutrition, and that exercise alone will not make you lose weight if you don’t adjust your eating for a healthy metabolism. I know, having spent years exercising intensely, one to two hours a day, but never able to lose body fat. Not that I would recommend this based on a sample of one: I have helped many hundreds of clients lose weight solely through nutrition. Of course it would be great if everyone exercised too, but the fact is that many of my clients don’t, and they still lose weight. Not only that, they lose fat and gain muscle! Just from nutrition!

Unfortunately, this article goes on to talk about low calorie diets, and the difficulty of getting metabolism to rev up while eating less and exercising more.  This is true, but terribly misguided. You do not necessarily need to cut your calories.  You need to learn how to eat to heal your damaged metabolism.

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