Six Weeks to Success!

Clients are losing pounds of fat, and inches—particularly around their waists, the best indicator of overall health improvement—and they are feeling GREAT! They are already well on their way to their goals, and feeling better than they thought possible. They are getting amazing results, not only in weight loss, but in ways they hadn’t even thought possible before the program.

Zen Vitality Detox: Reboot in January!

How would you feel going through the holidays if you knew you had an effective and simple detox in your back pocket for January? I’m offering my online Zen Vitality Detox at $100 off until Dec 30th. All online, daily support, small bite-size pieces and clear guidelines. Zen for Calm. Vitality for all that healthy energy. It’s a winning combination.

Top 12 mistakes when eating ‘healthy’

this article was published as my Holistic Health column in The Times Herald Record Here are the top 12 mistakes I see right now, by people trying to eat healthier. Are you making any of them? I look at food journals every day, and what I see is that many people are still basing theirContinue reading “Top 12 mistakes when eating ‘healthy’”

They got 1 thing right: It’s not your fault if you can’t lose weight

For years, I’ve been teaching clients who come in frustrated and hungry that restricting calories damages and slows your metabolism, making it hard – if not impossible – to lose weight and keep it off. Fortunately there is an alternative.

Being Skinny, Being Healthy & Being Elizabeth Taylor

I have a big mouth. Or in this case, flying fingers. I probably should have used more discretion, but there are certain subjects that just get me going.  Recently, it was a young woman tweeting about her yearning to look hot in a bikini which, for her, equated to being “the skinny chick” for onceContinue reading “Being Skinny, Being Healthy & Being Elizabeth Taylor”

The Cold Snap, and Your Hydration

One of the side effects of all this cold is all the heat we’re pumping through our homes. And that makes our bodies drier: not only externally (dry skin, dry hair, dry mucous membranes) but internally. Find out why hydration is so important to your health, and how to improve yours.

Nutritional Counseling

Eating what is “theoretically” healthy is not the same as eating what is uniquely appropriate for you. In fact, many people who do their best to eat a healthy diet find that it is exactly those so-called healthy foods that are making them feel so lousy, and keeping them from losing weight, or having the body composition they want and for which work so hard.