Alarming Levels of Hydration!



Fran Sussman here; from Sussman Holistic Services and


I would like to talk to you today about Hydration.


If you are feeling sluggish and tired, if your mental focus is not as good as you like, if your metabolism has slowed down and you have trouble losing weight, if your energy level has dropped… Your hydration might be a big part of the problem.


In the office, I test my clients for hydration every day and I find that most people are between 30 and 44%. That is really alarming, because being well-hydrated is a key to health. Women should be 50%-60% water and men a little higher than that (it has to do with the difference in muscle between men and women).


Let me explain the 3 aspects to improving your hydration.


Watch this very short video:


It is especially important to hydrate in the evening and again in the morning, for your cardio-vascular health.


Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Day


Fran Sussman

Sussman Holistic Services



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