Sugars Fuel Cancer. It matters what you eat.

Sugars: The Fuel for Cancer! | Dr. Ben Lerner.

“Shortly before a PET scan is performed, the patient is injected with sugar containing a radioactive dye. The cancer cells eat the sugar, and the dye lights up like a Christmas tree when scanned. That lets the doctors verify whether the cancer has spread. Cancer cells, which grow quickly, are more likely than normal cells to take up larger amounts of the sugar.”

This is such important information. If an oncologist – or anyone else – tells you it doesn’t matter what you eat when you have cancer – or to prevent cancer – ask them about this. There’s no way to avoid the fact that sugar feeds cancer, and that includes anything metabolized as sugar, such as grains, processed foods, fruits, etc. It doesn’t matter whether it’s natural (like honey or maple syrup) or refined white sugar. If it has blood sugar impact, it feeds cancer.

Interesting that metformin, a diabetes drug, has been used in the past few years to decrease risk. One of the MDs I consulted during my bout with breast cancer recommended it to me. But just as effective and without side effects is berberine. According to studies 400-500 mg daily can be very beneficial in lowering blood sugar, comparable to metformin.

I use two forms of berberine in my practice, and take one myself every day. Berberine can help with blood sugar issues regardless of whether or not you are concerned with cancer.

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