12 Nurturing Holiday Gifts from Sussman Holistic

Gifts from inexpensive to extravagant, on sale for the holidays

Anything can be picked up in the waiting room, or shipped, generally the next day.

Free gift with every order over $100 [see below]

Gift Certificates are available for anything here, for sessions, or for any amount you specify; just ask me at fran@fransussman.com

1. Sweets for the Sweet $25

  • 1 pound bag of xylitol (for baking),
  • 1 Liquid Stevia (for beverages)
  • 1 box of 100% xylitol packets (no fillers) for on the go

2. Snack Packs $12 (pictured above)

  • On the run? Pace too hectic and you don’t have time to sit down and eat a balanced meal?
  • Keep some of these on hand to keep you balanced and full for hours, without sugar or empty carbs.
  • They come in a pretty bag just right for gift giving, so perfect for all those little gifts like your kids’ teachers, coaches, bus drivers, etc. or as stocking stuffers
  • 1 each of 3 kinds of bars + 1 tin of xylitol mints

3. Zen Vitality Detox starts again – all online – January 8th.

  • Consider giving a gift – to yourself or someone who needs it – of this 4 week course that almost every participant calls “life changing” and “transformative”.
  • See testimonials and find out more here
  • Sign up early and save $100 $179 $79

4. Mini-Vacation?

  • A month private membership in the Zen Vitality Room infrared sauna (12 sessions), with use of microcirculation mat and vibration plate included ($179)
  • On sale for $149 or a one week trial for $50
  • watch the video tour here

5.  Super-Immunity Package

  • 1 each: Thieves spray, lozenges and hand lotion for $42. I won’t travel anywhere without these
  • Stressed? Fatigued? Pushing hard? Add Great Guardian: 4 synergistic herbs to support immunity through travel, or cold and flu season $32 $29. This is a must-have for moms, busy professionals, travelers, and anyone who who tends to get sick when overtired, stressed or traveling. Great anti-aging support too.
  • Include Protect essential oil (from Well Scent) Add $27.

6. Raindrop Session 20% off!

  • Enjoy the luxury of a one hour treatment of up to 15 customized essential oils from Young Living and Well-Scent applied to your feet and along your spine, while enjoying soothing light frequency that calms your adrenals $175 $139
  • Excellent for the immune system, deeply relaxing, and smells divine!
  • Follow with 20 minutes in the infrared sauna (add $15)

7. The Goddess Package  $183 $149 (almost 20% off!)

  1. One of my favorite new (to-me) products… the Goddess Pack: 3 herbs (in capsule form) to cultivate inner and outer beauty, confidence, power, balance, and a peaceful spirit. You’ll love what it does for your hair and your equanimity, just for instance!
  2. Nutrient-dense, skin-purifying face and neck mask to exfoliate, reduce pore openings, stimulate blood flow and encourage growth of new skin cells
  3. Brand new Alitura super-nutritive night cream (I’m loving this!) A $79 value by itself!
  4. (p.s. Need a little something to help increase your “juiciness”? Ask me)

8. 10% off ALL One on One Coaching Sessions with Fran – you choose, or a gift certificate for someone you care about. Long distance by Skype or in my office

  • One hour $157.50 ($175)
  • Two Hours $315 ($350)
  • Full 3 hour Initial Consultation $405  ($450)
  • Also good for Customized 21 Day Detox or 6 Week Success Program
  • Individual sessions must be used, or Programs started, by Feb 15, 2016

If you’ve been waiting to come in yourself, or want to gift someone you love, this is my best offer!

Note: My initial consultation is three hours: the first part to take a very thorough history (health, nutrition, medical, emotional, lifestyle, activity, stress level, sleep, family, etc), and review blood work, then do my very extensive “detective work”, which includes looking at food sensitivities, environmental issues, and any underlying microbial problems, and finally, I will customize a program for you, including nutrition, lifestyle suggestions,  and supplements.

You can use the one or two hour sessions for anything you like (food sensitivity testing, supplement testing, nutritional planning, reviewing blood work, detox, help with a specific health issue, etc) but please understand that I will not be able to do everything I normally do in a full Initial Consultation.

9. VIP Day with Fran
I’m bringing these back for the holiday season! I put together a wonderful day you can enjoy on your own, or with a pal. Luxurious pampering combined with nurturing, nutritional and emotional support and fun! More details here

10. Upgrade Your Fats

1 quart of either coconut oil or ghee – I’ve found the bEST! $35

Buy 1 of each for $65


11. Clean Your Air (and your Lungs)

  • Dr Klinghardt calls the propolis vaporizer an effective strategy for clearing mold and other air-borne toxins from a room. read more
  • Bonus: propolis smells lovely, sort of like honey (well, it does come from bees)
  • I used to sell a model for over $300 but I am thrilled to now offer one for just $139.
  • Buy it now on sale, and I’ll also add in a refill pack of 5 additional propolis cartridges $165 $129


12. Radiant Skin from Alitura $138 20% off $110.40

I’ve been a fan of this mask since it first came out, and as of last month, there is a wonderfully restorative night cream too.


Free gift with any order over $100: Energetically clear your space (personal or professional) with this subtle yet powerful flower essence atomiser. Unlike sage, it has no scent, so can be used discreetly. I use it to clear the energy in my office each day, and my home as well. I even find it helps me sleep more deeply and soundly when I spray it at night in my bedroom. Value $25

If you would like a gift certificate either  printed or emailed for any of these items, or for a particular dollar amount, just ask.

And don’t forget to treat yourself, too. You SO deserve it!

Happy Holidays from Fran Sussman Holistic Services!

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