12 Nurturing Holiday Gifts from Sussman Holistic

Each year I pick out a dozen of my favorite gift ideas for you and your loved ones, from the inexpensive to the extravagant, up to 20% off plus a free gift

What’s the Perfect Natural Snack?

“in study after study, the more often people ate nuts, the leaner they tended to be.” via Snacking Your Way to Better Health – NYTimes.com. Lose your fear of fats! Healthy fats, that is. I’ve been telling clients for 2 decades that nuts are just about the best snack you can choose, and that addingContinue reading “What’s the Perfect Natural Snack?”

Have a warming healthy mug of hot chocolate!

Here’s how to make a simple, delicious cup of cocoa that’s actually good for you. And learn about Dandy Blend, a tasty, healthful coffee substitute, or just a yummy treat.