Sweet Freedom: Unhook from Sugars & Cravings for Good!

I’ve been saying it for a very long time: Sugar is not just candy and pastries, the soda and loaded coffee drinks you order each day; it’s also found in many other foods–foods, in fact, processed by their manufacturers to force your body into addiction.

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Refined sugar triggers the brain’s receptors 8 times MORE than cocaine.

It’s a serious issue, because refined sugar is found in  over 80% of grocery store foods. No wonder we find it impossible to stop eating it, even though we know it’s killing us!

If you are struggling to give up sugar or even if you simply indulge periodically–whether a health professional, busy mom or career-driven person–this event can help you, finally, improve your health and your life, not only by only increasing your understanding but providing you with motivation and use-able tips to make the change.

My talk is April 12th and Sherry and I had a great discussion, in part because we disagreed – in a friendly way of course – about what constitutes a “natural” sweetener and how to use them wisely. But we certainly agreed on the end game: giving as many people as possible the tools to take back their health.

Own all of the expert talks to watch at your own pace (plus, your purchase helps to create more valuable educational programs
Sweet Freedom Summit

The Sweet Freedom Summit will teach you about:

  • How reliance on sweets can lead to a serious and painful health consequences
  • Impacts of “anti-nutrients” on your emotional state
  • Educating your family to be supportive and healthy
  • Why diets rarely work long term (and strategies that do!)
  • Creating nourishment in your heart, mind and spirit
  • And, so much more…

The Sweet Freedom Summit is online and free from April 10-17, 2017! My talk is April 12th, but I don’t want you to miss a single one, so you might want to consider purchasing now, when the cost for owning the entire Summit (audio, video, transcripts, bonuses, and more) is so low.

P.S. It’s true, every purchase made helps us continue to reach people struggling to live healthier lives. I thank you in advance for your supportPurchase Here

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