New Class: Better Brain Function through Meditation

Please note that the class has started, but there are a few drop-in spots available on a first come first serve basis each week. You must let me know ahead of time if you would like to join us for that week’s class. We will review the core meditation in full each week, so you will be able to participate. Drop in fee is $28.

When Things Are Difficult

I wrote this piece when a man I loved walked out on me, completely unexpectedly. I doubt he ever read it, but it helped me to affirm my own values, and judging from the many people who have responded to it in the years since, it has helped others as well. When things are difficult, don’t give up. Re-commit. Progress is rarely linear.

The Transformative Power of Practice

Would you like to be the kind of person who handles her day with grace? Who navigates adversity with admirable aplomb?  Who is able to find resilience in the worst of circumstances, and optimism to share through the best?  One way to develop these qualities is by developing a practice. What is a practice?  TheContinue reading “The Transformative Power of Practice”