Free Seminar: Get Healthy to Lose Weight – The Holistic Way

A free health and nutrition seminar, where you will learn the top ten mistakes people make when trying to lose weight, including:

  • Following the latest fad. The holistic world is just as subject to fads and fashions as any other. This month’s cure-all is inevitably supplanted by the next “latest and greatest”.  Find out what really works for weight loss, based on years of research and clinical experience.
  • Eating “healthy” food. Eating popular and highly touted “health foods” could be exactly what’s keeping you from losing weight.  Discover some of the surprising common culprits that actually make it harder to lose weight.
  • Doing the wrong kind of exercise. Not all exercise is equal. The wrong kind can make you store fat, lose libido and actually slow down your metabolism.  Learn what works, and what doesn’t.
  • The Myth of Calories. How cutting and counting calories can actually work against you.

You’ll learn what doesn’t work, but more importantly what does!

Wednesday November 3 from 10:30-Noon or Thursday November 4th  from 6:30-8PM

Holiday Inn Express 2 Bryle Place Chester NY


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