The Well-Anticipated Challenge

BreadHi, Fran Sussman here.

Here’s what we now know from research: Gluten increases inflammation in everyone. It increases the risk of heart disease in everyone, increases insulin resistance and diabetes, as well as increases the risk of auto-immune diseases. That’s a pretty comprehensive list of what you want to avoid as you age.

We also know that one gram of gluten – one tiny gram – stays in your system for two weeks, affecting your inflammation markers for six months.  Gluten is a very sticky substance; it’s glue-y. In fact, glue is made from it.

So here’s my “Challenge” to all my health seekers. I would like you to avoid all foods that contain gluten – yup, go 100% gluten-free for just three (3) weeks. That’s not forever; it would be just a fair trial. You will be amazed at the symptoms that will disappear; including some of them you’ve attributed to “normal aging” or believed they were just normal for you.

Remember: you have to be 100% gluten-free during that time in order to test the hypothesis.

If you are still not convinced, after the 3 weeks, simply go ahead and spend one day eating gluten: bagels, cereal, pasta, bread….  Your body’s reaction will surprise you. You should be convinced gluten-free is the way to go.

I’ve personally witnessed friends, family members and thousands of clients go gluten-free and feel dramatically better.

Are you wondering if it will help you too?

For all of you that will decide to take my “Gluten-Free Challenge”; I want to hear all about it.  Please leave your comments!

In the meantime, here’s wishing you a happy, healthy day.

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2 thoughts on “The Well-Anticipated Challenge

  1. October will mark 1 year gluten free for me. I did it to see if I could “stick with it” and because I read it could help with migraines. I figured, “why not”?
    About three weeks in, my nephew had a birthday pizza party- of course I had some pizza- and quickly regretted it for about three days. I was surprised it made such a difference.
    On occasion I will have gluten because I think I ‘miss it’– until I feel foggy headed, tired or otherwise unwell. I can tell when I unintentionally have gluten, too- either hidden in a food or a label not checked well.
    I encourage anyone to ‘try it’ as you suggest. Be diligent and give it a fair try- you may be surprised how you feel when you re-introduce it and decide to keep going gluten free.


  2. I forgot to add the best part- I lost 7lbs in about a month, and about 10lbs total since going gluten free. Easiest 10lbs I ever lost, and it’s still gone. My next target is sugar.


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